»» Pastor Sherman W. Scott

Bishop Sherman Scott is a Georgia native who returns home with his wife Sharon and their children Desmond, Genesis and Josiah to establish family and ministry in the Atlanta area.

Bishop Scott began his academic career at the University of Columbia. After relocating to the Boston area he completed his course study at the University of Massachusetts where he received his Bachelors degree in Political Science, Religion and Afro-American Studies. He is also a graduate of Calvary Bible Institute where he studied additional courses in Homiletics, Counseling, Youth Leadership and Discipleship. In 1997, Elder Scott began his pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree at The Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Pastor Scott is currently enrolled in the Doctoral program at Gordon and is working towards yet another successful life accomplishment.

Bishop Scott is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and has taken part in numerous community-based organizations. He aligned himself with the Boston chapter of the NAACP, serving as Religious Affairs Chairman. In 2005 Pastor Scott was named in the Heritage Directory of Who's Who as well as in the 2005/06 Manchester edition.

Some of Bishop Scott’s more recent experiences include:

  • Board member, Fair Oaks Youth Basketball (2011-12)
  • President & Board Member, Central Cobb Basketball Association (2012-13)
  • Founder and Executive Director of LCCC Development Corporation
  • International Director of Technology for Mount Calvary Holy Church of America (2010)
  • Overseer for the Georgia Jurisdiction (2010)
  • Bishop Designate (2012)
  • Former owner of two Prudential Scott-Haynes Real Estate in Boston, MA
  • Former Director of Sales & Strategic Development for Streaming Faith/Multicast Media/Kit-Digital. Led the Streaming Faith Ministry Development team to deliver digital media solutions to more than 150 ministries worldwide. This involved solving communication challenges of churches to help them increase membership and impact their local communities.

»» The Mission [ TOP ]

In the late 80’s Bishop Scott relocated to the Washington, DC area to become part of the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church family. Immersion into the Greater Mount Calvary family was more than a church experience for Pastor Scott. This offered an opportunity that challenged him to reconstruct his life in such a way that God would ultimately be in control of his destiny. Pastor Scott was guided and trained under the care of his surrogate father and mentor, Bishop Alfred Owens.

Having been groomed and prepped for ministry, Pastor Scott brought to Boston all he had learned from his time in Washington. He soon became engulfed in his passion for ministry. In 1994 Pastor Scott was ordained an Elder and eventually served as Chairman of the Board of Elders at Mount Calvary Holy Assembly, #1 under the auspices of Bishop Joseph Ely, Jr. DD. While he was at Mount Calvary, Pastor Scott established the Shield of Faith Ministries. This new venture was successful in bringing an array of powerful evangelists to the Boston area, offering blood for the sinner and water for thirsty believers. Through his efforts, the Mount Calvary Holy Church brand was expanded in Tennessee and Alabama where it had previously been non-existent.

Serving as a beacon of hope to the lost, the hurting, and those in need of direction, Pastor Scott seeks to lead unbelievers to the shores of the cross of Christ. Realizing that many of today's generation have replaced a relationship with Christ with non-gratifying substitutes, Pastor Scott teaches practical methods for empowering the lost to return to their heart’s anchor. With a longing to minister to the complete man, Pastor Scott seeks to teach believers how to obtain the power of God in every area of life. His insight and experience allows him to offer guidance on topics from ‘how to live a life pleasing to God’ to ‘how to establish your own business’.

The hour has come; the season is here! Now is the time for the vision to come to pass, and Pastor Scott has been commissioned by God and has dedicated his life to further this mission.

»» Co-Pastor Sharon Scott [ TOP ]

Co-Pastor Sharon Scott is a wife and mother of three. In her spare times she enjoys writing, spending time with her family and you guessed it ladies… shoe shopping. Her favorite movie is The Wiz, her favorite color white and her choice artist Fred Hammond.

Sharon accepted Christ at an early age during her membership at Mt. Calvary Holiness Church where her grandfather Bishop Joseph Ely is Pastor. Sharon served in a variety of different ministries during her youth and found pleasure in implementing new strategies for inspiring those in her youth group. As she matured in the faith she sought the Lord for a deeper relationship with him, which include the manifestation of the gift of tongues. Her hunger was satisfied as she received evidence of her infilling during a Power Praise conference hosted by the Bishop Thomas W. Weeks, Sr.

As the seasons of her life changed from winter to spring Sharon answered yet another call. When asked to accept the proposal of marriage from her childhood friend Sherman, Sharon eagerly became one in faith, heart and mind. Sharon embraces the call of God on her life expectantly, excitedly and with a determination to see Gods will be done not only in her life but also in the lives of those she’s been destined to reach. She is a dynamic teacher with the ability to make biblical truths understandable for even new believers. Her spiritual gifts are that of evangelism, exhortation, leadership and administration; with a strong focus on ministering to those often cast off, overlooked and shut out.

In her determination to gain all that God has promised Sharon obtained a double bachelors degree in sociology and criminal justice. She is currently working towards obtaining her masters degree in counseling and is looking forward to using her gifts towards establishing Gods Kingdom and wreaking havoc on the enemies.

Her favorite scripture is found in the book of: Hebrews 10th chapter, verses 11-14:”Day after day every priest stands and performs his religious duties; again and again he offers the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. But when this priest had offered for all times one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God. Since that time he waits for his enemies to be made his footstool, because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

Sharon is happily married to Pastor Sherman Wesley Scott and they have three beautiful children Desmond, Genesis and Josiah.

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