Not since the invention of the electric clipper has a product come along so amazing to forever change the world of barbering. Destined to be a barber’s next best friend, Da Gauge is a revolutionary new clipper attachment that guarantees perfect edges and lines with each and every trip to the barbershop.Smaller in diameter than a dime, Da Gauge is a tiny leveling mechanism that fits comfortably on the back of liner clippers and precisely shows the barber at what angle clippers are being held. Da Gauge gives barbers cut precision and points of reference like they’ve never had before- making crisp corners, straight lines and perfect edges.

“The notion to make Da Gauge came to me because I wanted to find a way to make sure my lines were perfect,” says developer Derrick “Big D” Smith. “Each corner on our head is supposed to be the same. They may look the same but Da Gauge is the only way to ensure that you have a 45-degree angle on both sides.“With barbering, we may have to take the line back to make sides match. With Da Gauge, it’s a one shot, one kill. You don’t have to keep going over the line because you know it’s straight.”

And Smith should know. He has been cutting heads for 23 years and won barbering competitions all across the country. Added to that, he has set hair trends working platform for the prestigious Bronner Brothers’ Hair Show for five straight years.“To work platform in our industry is real big,” explains Smith. “There are very few barbers who know another barber who works platform.”

In addition to traveling around the world as personal barber to rapper/producer/actor David Banner, Smith has cut the heads of such superstars as Snoop Dogg and Jazze Pha as well as served as barber/stylist on such movie sets as “Black Snake Moan” and “Stomp the Yard 2.”

Now two years in the making, Big D builds upon his years of expertise to develop a miraculous invention to save barbers time, money and the frustration of finding exact angles. “Our lines a`re going to be better than they have ever been,” says Smith. “We used to have to guess but we don’t have to guess anymore. When you take the guesswork out of it, you take away the error.”

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