1. What is Da Gauge?

Da Gauge is a precision controlled device that attaches to shavers, trimmers, and clippers that takes the guess work out of making that “perfect line”.

2. How does Da Gauge work?

The add-on attachment allows the barber to see the exact degree and angle that the clippers/trimmers are held to ensure a perfect line every time.

3. How does Da Gauge reduce clipper burns?

Da Gauge reduces clipper burns by reducing the amount of time the clippers/trimmers are being held to the skin.

4.How does Da Gauge reduce razor bumps?

Razor bumps are caused by excessive irritation of the skin. With Da Gauge the user will reduce the amount of time spent concentrating on the perfect line, thus reducing irritation to the skin.

5. Is Da Gauge available in stores?

Da Gauge is currently unavailable in stores. Da Gauge is available on the website, at trade shows, and select distributors.

6. How can I become a distributor?

You can find out more information on becoming a distributor by visiting the Distributor link on the home page.

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