Faith Temple has humble beginnings. Established in 1948, in Hayti, MO under the direction of Pastor Dock Wright and Bishop Columbus Williams. This church first began as a brush harbor. Prior to the building of the brush harbor, Elder and Evangelist Wright’s home served as the first church meeting place. At that time, the church was called Hayti Heights Church Of God In Christ. This church has rich history of Holy Ghost filled men of God leading the sheep of this congregation. In 1953, Elder King James Gillespie was installed to the pastorate of the church after the home going of Elder Dock Wright. The church continued to grow spiritually and naturally.

In 1965, Elder John Lofton was appointed pastor of the church after Pastor Gillespie was called home for his eternal reward. Pastor Lofton envisioned a new sanctuary. Though in 1968, in the natural, the task of building a new place of worship was implausible due to the lack of finances; Pastor Lofton was obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit for a new sanctuary. The name of the new church was changed from Hayti Heights COGIC to Faith Temple and adopted a new theme song “We’ve Come This Far By Faith”. In 1993, Elder Lofton, due to health reasons, retired for the pastorate of Faith Temple.

As directed by the late Bishop W. Wesley Sanders, Administrative Asst. Courtney Sanders, SR was given the charge to lead the people of Faith Temple. After a short time at Faith Temple, Pastor Sanders remodeled the church and constructed a multi-purpose hall. Under the leadership of Supt Sanders, we have our present sanctuary, the" Deacon John Ethan Mack Sanctuary" which was dedicated in September 2001. After our beloved Administrative Asst. Courtney Sanders, Sr. took his final assignment to be with the Lord the mantle was passed to Elder Courtney Sanders Jr.. Pastor Sanders "JR". was installed and appointed in April of 2014 by General Board Member Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten..

Fulfilling the Dream of his father and Pastor Sanders "JR" is running with the Vision. Almost complete is the Steps of Life Center which was his father's dream. This center will further enable FTC to minister to the total man spiritually and naturally. Striving to keep this legacy alive Pastor Sanders sees this center as being the nucleus for all ministries targeting the growing needs, demands and concern of our community and beyond. Thus we have the all-encompassing theme "EXTENDING A HELPING HAND TO A DYING WORLD." Pray as we continue to stay in the will of God and "catch hold" to the vision that is given to the man of God. All things are possible if we only believe.