» Pastor Jayme McCrimmon

A warrior in prayer, a worshipper, a woman of integrity, a witness to the truth, a shepherd of the sheep and a humble servant indeed.

These few words sum up the life of Pastor Jayme McCrimmon, who was born, raised and educated in the Washington, DC area.

Was born-again and filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 20 at the Church of the Holy Trinity under the pastorate of the late Bishop Arthur Christian.

Served as an aide in ministry to Evangelist Rita Twiggs. Served along with her husband, Elder Danny McCrimmon as members of the Capital Temple Church of God in Christ under the leadership of the late pastor, Elder Ricky McCrimmon, in the capacity of an evangelist, financial CEO, and administrative assistant.

Today God has raised up this humble servant to take the helm…

Through her life and the word, she teaches the people of God to embrace praise and worship as a life style and not a service-filler. This teaching has changed the lives of many and has filled the house of Capital Temple with a new sound. Many have come from near and far to hear the truth of God she consistently proclaims over the radio, television and in her travels. Because of it the church continues to grow in numbers.

Pastor McCrimmon teaches the word with an urgency and fervor, as if her very life depends on it, preparing the people of God for the “gathering of the remnant” according to Romans 9:27 and Isaiah 10:22 & 23.