CELL MINISTRY – The Cell Ministry is designed to help our new members by partnering with each one to ensure their spiritual well- being.
:: President, Brenda Gilmore
GOLDEN AGE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY – The Golden Age Fellowship Ministry focuses on our senior citizens in the Olive Branch Community and the surrounding areas. Each month seniors gather for a delicious free hot meal and fellowship. The seniors enjoy singing, words of encouragement, game participation, and other fun-filled events. If seniors live within the community, the church provides pick-up and drop-off services. :: President, Maxcine Black
HELPING HANDS MINISTRY – The Helping Hands Ministry is designed to assist each auxiliary on special occasions by serving in whatever capacity needed. :: President, Caronda Wicks
HOSPITALITY MINISTRY – The Hospitality Ministry is designed to greet visitors and members by welcoming them into God’s house exemplifying the love of God through kindness and with a friendly smile. Our goal is to ensure that all those who join us for any worship service are welcomed into God’s house, because we do not feel that our visitors have come by accident- God has led them to this house of worship!
:: President, Lerlene Taylor
NURSES UNIT MINISTRY – The Nurses Unit Ministry is designed to provide emergency medical services if needed and to direct those in need to the nearest Health care facility. The goal of any Health Care Unit or professional is to maintain or improve the health of its community; be it a city, hospital or church. You can obtain health care literature and healthful tips in a prayerful and professional manner from the members of our Health Care Unit. :: President, Beverly Hunt
PRISON MINISTRY – The Women’s Prison Ministry visits the Women’s Prison each month. The word of God is shared and souls are saved. :: President, Connie Shannon/Jacqueline Lane
SINGLE’S MINISTRY - The Single Ministry is designed to provide biblical teaching to identify and meet the needs of each single member whether their status is never married, divorced, single parent, or widow. :: President, Deborah Richmond/Kivvi Payne