» Age Groups is 4-12 & 13-17 Creative Movement Dance Classes
» Class for 4-12 year old will be offered Monday-Thursday from 4-5pm & Tuesday from 6-6:30pm
» Class for 13-17 year old will be offered Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm &Tuesday from 6:30-7pm

» Hip Hop

(Monday 4pm-5pm & 5pm-6pm)

A high-energy class that uses Rap, R&B and Pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. Hip hop encompasses movement that has elements of popping and breakdancing as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. This class includes high energy and floor coordination and fun dance moves. Offered only during short class sessions, the class is designed to introduce new students to the exhilarating world of hip hop dancing. It provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements with focus on

» Jazz

(Tuesday 4pm-5pm & 5pm-6pm)

This innovative form of dance encompasses isolation movements and rhythmic exercises, developing stamina and flexibility. This class explores the art of Jazz dancing, incorporating many different styles of jazz including Classical, Contemporary, Street and Broadway. Each class focuses on style, technique, placement, conditioning, stretching, various turns, leaps and funky style choreography. As rigorous as Jazz may be, expect every class to be a fun upbeat experience. Offering a new set of combinations and mini routines in every class.

» Kid’s Jump Fitness

(Tuesday 6pm-6:30pm & 6:30pm-7pm)

Kangoo Jump Fitness is a 30 minute class where you burn an estimated 20 calories per minute.

The Benefits of Kangoo Jumps Fitness Reduces up to 80% impact on your joints. Recommended by doctors and physical therapists for safe rehabilitation of sports injuries Burn 25-50% more calories than traditional exercises. Increase your endurance level Firm up your skin and increase its elasticity stimulates your lymphatic system.

» Ballet vs Development Technique

(Thursday 4pm-5pm & 5pm-6pm)

A class that is half Ballet and half Development Technique: it expounds on ballet to help develop technique, strength, flexibility, coordination and motor skills and tap for timing, rhythm, coordination and musicality. Students will play games to enhance cognitive and social development while learning classroom etiquette.


Hair should be tied back securely during class.


Dancers are required to wear the proper shoes to each class. Dance shoes should be worn inside only. Wearing dance shoes outside will ruin the shoe and bring in dirt to the dance floor. Please put your dancer’s name inside each shoe as it’s easy to get them mixed up.


  • Girls: Pink short sleeve leotard, pink footed tights and pink ballet slippers. Pink skirt is optional.
  • Boys: Black tank top/t-shirt with form fitting dance pants (to allow flexibility of movement); black or nude ballet slippers.

» Ballet (Age 4 and up) & Jazz (Age 4 and up)


  • Girls: Black short sleeve leotard, pink footed tights and pink Ballet slippers. Black skirt is optional.
  • Boys: Black tank top/t-shirt with form fitting pants (to allow flexibility of movement); black or nude ballet slippers.


Parents, friends and siblings are not allowed in the studio during class. The dancer can be easily distracted, which can result in safety problems


Dancers are placed according to age and ability. If a child is more advanced, a higher level class may be needed to strengthen the dancer’s ability and to provide them with a challenge. In most cases, dancers are grouped with children of the same age. A child is placed in a class where he/she will feel confident in order to promote the highest level of self-esteem. We request that you trust the staff’s years of experience in the decision for class placement. As instructors we always act in the best interest of the dancer. Dancers progress at different levels and advancing a dancer before they are ready can create stress, a loss of interest and discouragement.


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