» Pole Fitness:

A Vertical Strength Training Class

Cardio, strength training and pole dancing combined to give you an invigorating workout that will keep you coming back for more! We offer a new format every week, guaranteed to get your body into its finest shape yet! This class is open to women of all levels, no experience is required.

Requirement: "Short" shorts to expose the skin on your legs and thighs, and tank top/sleeveless T-shirt to expose the skin on the arms and shoulders. Bare feet or sneakers are appropriate

» Pole Curious

**No Experience Necessary**
Intro to Pole is for anyone who is “pole curious".

This class teaches sensual movement, body strengthening, toning, increasing flexibility, beginner pole tricks and confidence. Size or fitness level does not matter; this class is designed just for you! We foster a safe, non-judgmental environment as we learn together to ensure every student gets the most out of each class. Each instructor is very patient as they walk you through every step. This class is inviting and welcoming. We ask that you leave the word “CAN’T at the door.

Requirement: Shorts to expose the skin on your legs, and short sleeves/tank top/sleeveless T-shirt to expose the skin on the arms. Women: Bare feet are appropriate

» Sensual Movements: a.k.a. "Forbidden 101"

** No Experience Necessary ** Indulge in the sexier side of pole & floor work!

This class is designed for people with none or very little pole dancing experience. Advanced poling tricks with a twist of “sexy” will be taught. This class is designed to help you define and own your sensuality as each instructor walks you through a complete workout.

Requirement: Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy (in good taste). High heels that will stay secure on your feet are appropriate.
(Can be barefoot as well)

Knee pads and/ or leg warmers are appropriate. ** EPIC POWER HOUR** Body Toning Class

Epic Power Hour will do much more than just sculpt your muscles. It will also help you burn fat more efficiently and improve your bone density. During this one hour class, you’ will not only burn calories*, but also maintain a significant metabolism boost throughout the day. Epic Power Hour incorporates upper body, lower body, abs, butt and back exercises using weights. It will give you the strength and energy you need to lead a more recreational life.

» Pole Playground -Intermediate Level Pole Dancing

(Experience required)

Pole Playground - Intermediate Pole Dancing class focuses on posture, safety, dance fundamentals, and technique. You’ll be shocked at how much strength and skill you build each week as you move through challenging yet basic pole spins, climbs, holds, and combinations. Basic climbs and inverts will be taught in this class if instructor feels you are physically ready. Prior completion of Pole Curious or previous pole class experience is strongly advised.

Requirement: Shorts to expose the skin on your legs, and short sleeves/tank top/sleeveless T-shirt to expose the skin on the arms. Women: High heel shoes are optional.

» Prerequisite Notes

Must graduate out of Pole Curious (attendance of 3 classes required) or have permission from the Instructor

» Spins and Tricks

(Open Level-Experienced required)

Spins and Tricks is a pole dancing class that focuses on teaching you various pole spins and climbs. This class will take you through a warm-up of core strength conditioning and flexibility to warm-up your muscles, teach and review various spins and climbing techniques, followed by a cool down. This class is open for anyone who has completed Pole Curious or has permission from the pole instructor to enroll.

**Please Note - Spins and Tricks is a class that does not teach choreography and will only be focusing on learning techniques. For choreography, please see (Mrs. Epic) to schedule an appointment with instructors: Cali or Shy Guy.

Requirement: "Short" shorts to expose the skin on your legs and thighs, and tank top/sleeveless T-shirt to expose the skin on the arms and shoulders.

» Pole Flow ~ Combining Your Tricks with Dance

(Beginner to Advanced)

Must have prior pole dancing experience or completed Intro Pole Curious. Learn how to blend those pole tricks and spins together into a beautiful art of dance. Pole Flow will show you transitions and choreography incorporating a variety of different styles from sexy to stylish. This is a mixed level class and the tricks incorporated will be determined by the level of participants in attendance.

Requirement: Sleeveless T-shirt or tank tops and pole shorts are required. High heel shoes are optional.

Notes: You must have intermediate/beginner pole dancing experience and permission from an Epic pole instructor to register for this class.

» Book An Epic Pole Party!!!!!

Finally the perfect excuse for a night out with the ladies! It's you…your closest friends, and all your worries checked at the door. What does this give you? Your own personalized pole party!

Whether it's a bachelorette party, birthday party, surprise party, soon-to-be-single party, office party, girls' day, girls' night, or any other reason for a bunch of women to get together, let loose, and experience pole dancing...we will create the perfect party for you!

All adult ages, body types and fitness levels will have a BLAST!

  • 1 - hr.
  • 1½ hr.
  • 2 - hr. party (most popular!)

Learn the most fun and sexy moves in pole dancing. Learn a few tricks and spins as you and your friends CELEBRATE and have fun!


  • A sexy warm up
  • Fun pole tricks & transitions
  • Practice on our Eight (8) POLES with the help of the instructor
  • Cheese and cracker platter
  • Fruit platter
  • Non-alcoholic beverage

What to wear

Stilettos, short shorts, and tight tops are always welcomed and encouraged. Make sure you don't apply any lotion to ensure a good grip on the pole.


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